MARUMI DHG Achromat Macro 200(+5)
MARUMI DHG Achromat Macro 200(+5)

    DHG Achromat Macro 200(+5)

    $148.00 USD

    Key Features

    Reduce peripheral color abbrebiation by combining two lenses
    Designed to shorten the minimum focus distance of your lens
    Outstanding full-frame image sharpness, details, and clarity which will not be impaired in the peripheral part
    Low reflection coating
    Optically thinnest possible frame design
    Made in Japan

    Marumi DHG Achromat Macro 200(+5)

    The Marumi DHG Achromat Macro 200(+5) lens is a break-through technology macro filter that correct a peripheral chromatic aberration
    • Full frame sharpness, detail, and clarity that today’s demand of professional macro photography.
    • Multi-coating sustains low reflection enhanced by a specially designed frame with a satin finish.
    • Optically thinnest possible frame design maintaining strength and functionality
    • Made in Japan

    What for we use a close-up/macro filter?

    Haven't you ever experienced that your lens could not focus when you come closer to the subject?
    Haven't you also ever thought that you wish a magnifying object in front of your camera's lens?
    If yes, a macro lens can be a right solution. However, there is a better, much Basic way.
    With Marumi Close-up/macro filter, you can choose utility rather than buying an expensive macro lens.

    A close-up/macro filter allows you to;
    - shorten Minimum Focus Distance/get closer to the subject and the larger the image you can obtain. The stronger the diopter, the closer you can approach the subject.
    - perform Macro Effect on almost any lens
    - stack multiple close-up lenses to increase their strength.
    General Info
    ModelMarumi DHG Achromat Macro 200(+5)
    Available Sizes, mm49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77
    Main Characteristics
    Diopter Strength+5.00
    CoatingLow reflection
    Frame MaterialAluminum
    Frame structureNon-rotating
    Frame structureSatin finish
    Frame structureKnurling
    Frame structureLens cap attachable