Marumi business overview & summary

Marumi is a leading designer and manufacturer of photographic lens filters widely recognized for its 85 years of contribution in the optic industry and to the photographic enthusiasts worldwide, counting from its predecessor, sole proprietorship "Yorishima Shoten."
Our manufacturing plant is located in Nagano and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

“Filters made from technology inherited from generation to generation

Our honor is to announce that we have celebrated our memorial 70th anniversary of establishing incorporation, Marumi Optical Co., Ltd.

Marumi's company background & backbone

Marumi consists of optic industry professionals, likewise enthusiastic devotees of camera equipment.
Marumi brand filters are distributed substantially by our authorized distributors in approximately 50 countries around the globe.

“Marumi Business to Business has confidently contributed to the optic industry in the history.”

Since the 1970s, we have also provided customized OEM/Private Brand products to the industry's leading companies with a long-time relationship certified by our strict quality inspection standard maintained by our professional engineers.
We also supply high-performance industrial filters as an optic specialist.

“Constantly Continuing to Create New Products,”

In the Year 2003, Marumi launched the DHG Series. These were the first filters for digital single-lens reflex cameras to reach the market. This marked a revolutionary step forward for Marumi as an international brand and helped us become what we are today.

"MARUMI CINE&TV" is a brand to supply a wide range of professional filters for broadcasting and filmmaking/cinematography launched in 2019.
The phrase "Constantly Continuing to Create New Products" is our historic "add-value" mission to the public, a consistent corporate policy from the company's foundation.

Headquarter Tokyo

6F, D’sVARIE Okachimachi Bldg. 4-13-21 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016, Japan

Nagano Plant

10500 Nakaminowa, Minowa, Kamiina District, Nagano 399-4601, Japan