Magnetic Square filters, M100 Filter System is a versatile filter system that allows you easily to combine a series of filters in accordance to the various situations.

By installing “M100 Holder” on to “Holder-Ring” in advance, you are free from thinking of filter diameter and only focus on your artistic works with the combinations of filters.

Marumi innovative M100 Magnetic Filter System allows you to;

- combine a large variety of GND/ND and Circular Polarizer to enable an overwhelming contrast-driven expressiveness

- shoot with no vignetting even with 16mm wide lens due to the ultra-thin frame structure overlaying ND/GND and Circular Polarizer.

- one second-attach/detach filters by magnetic force with no time consuming compared to screw-in filters into thread

- bracket a series of GND/ND and almost all of your lens line-up for DSLRs and Mirrorless at hands.

- keep all-in-one set in a pouch exclusive for M100 (optional) easy carrying.