Yuri Pritisk

    Yuri Pritisk

    Yuri Pritisk is a/an;

    • member of the Union of Photographers of Russia
    • bright modern photographer
    • teacher with experience in the largest photography schools in the world and the Russian Federation,
    • author of training for the Russian provider of the New York Institute of Photography, presenter of masterclasses, and winner of more than 100 prestigious competitions.

    Yuri Pritisk explores and combines psychological portrait and landscape, genre, and art photography. Most of the author's photographs were taken without flashes or traditional lighting schemes with artificial light. When shooting, home-made and professional optical filters are often used, and original developments, unique photography techniques, and an exceptional approach to implementation are transferred to students when learning by the "PORTFOLIO-REVIEW" method.

    The geography of students confirms the international status: Japan, USA (Illinois, California, Arizona), Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, France, Switzerland (Dubendorf, Zurich), Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia, Great Britain (Northampton, London), South Africa, Israel, Arab Emirates, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia. Yury Pritisk's graduates win competitions, participate in festivals and hold solo exhibitions. 


      Yuri Pritisk was born in 1976 in Novocheboksarsk. His favorite types of photography are psychological portraits and landscapes, and Yuri excels in using available lighting techniques.

      Yuri uses special shooting techniques and unique technical skills, often using MARUMI filters and homemade optical filters in his photography. Since 2011, he has been teaching at the largest photography schools and is also engaged in highly professional personal training.