Michal Ostrowski

    Michal Ostrowski

    Michał Ostrowski has combined his passion for mountain hiking with his passion for landscape photography for many years.

    Michał loves the Sudetes, where he lives, but he is also close to the Pieniny Mountains, the Beskids, the Tatra Mountains, and the Alps. In photography, he focuses on capturing the fleeting, magical moment and the mood in the mountains. For Michał, mountains are space, freedom, the possibility of communing with nature. He experiences everything much more intensely in the mountains than in the valleys. In the mountains, especially at sunrise or sunset, there is a great silence that makes him forget about the valleys. It's like an addiction. The mountains taste different each time; they affect both the body and mind. It does not matter if he watches the sunset or sunrise, the morning mists, or climbs to the top that he has always dreamed of. After returning, he always feels that the time spent in the mountains was too short. This addiction to mountain expeditions prevents Michał from sitting idly at home. He wants to go back to the mountains. The words of Władysław Krygowski are very close to Michał:

    "For some, the mountains are just a rubble of boulders; for others, the most magnificent architecture, brought above the passing and duration, for others an eternal insufficiency and incompletion." What they will be for you - depends only on you. "

    As part of the Light Guides project, Michał Ostrowski and his fellows organize photography workshops in a larger group and individually in the most unusual regions of the world. Moreover, the participants can use SIGMA lenses and MARUMI filters.



      Michał Ostrowski was born, live, and currently works in Wałbrzych, a city in the heart of the Sudetes, which is very close to him. He took his first steps on the photographic path when he was a child. Michał tried to take pictures with Zorka 1. He discovered the effects of these struggles with his father in a makeshift home darkroom. During school and studies, photography was relegated to the background.

      Years have passed after which he returned to consciously building images. He used various shooting techniques, both traditional, noble, and digital. He designed and constructed pinhole cameras, he has experience as a lecturer and educator in the field of pinhole photography and landscape, also in European Union projects. Michał combined his passion for mountain hiking with his passion for landscape photography. He loves mountains, their beauty, space, and freedom that is inextricably linked with them.

      For several years, Michał has also been passionate about pinhole photography and exploring the secrets of old photographic techniques. When taking photos, he tries to express himself, his feelings, and also his interests. He aims to extract from the world not only beautiful pictures but also those that may be interesting, interesting, mysterious.