on May 08, 2024

Photography enthusiasts and professionals alike know that the secret to capturing the perfect shot often lies in the details. One such critical detail is the reflectance rate of the glass. Reflectance rate is a measure of how much light is reflected off the surface of the filter, and a lower rate means higher clarity and less glare.


FAQ/ I saw other manufacturers claim better reflectance. What's the difference?

Marumi stands at the forefront of optical excellence realizing an impressively low reflectance rate 0.18% in polarizer. While others may claim reflectance rates as low as 0.1% in Polarizer, Marumi’s factory lab research demonstrates a consistent performance with an average reflectance of 0.18% across the visible spectrum (400-700nm). This isn't just a one-off peak performance but a steadfast guarantee across all wavelengths that matter.Reflectance curve (400-700nm Average) Prime Sputtering C-P.L

Let's take a look into detail of reflectance curve, which represents how much light bounces off a surface at different colors, or wavelengths in another words, shown in nanometer (X-axis, 400-700nm)


What Marumi indicates in Reflectance

Reflection means that in one specific spot, when you shine all colors of light, the least amount of light that bounces back is 0.1%. But if you look at different spots and average their reflectance throughout, it may turn out to be 0.3% or more. 

(Minimum) reflectance of 0.1% (at a point under visible light)
These figures can be misleading as they do not specify the measurement parameters, often reflecting a singular point in the reflectance curve rather than a consistent average. Our research has scrutinized the claims of competitors, often finding that their advertised reflection rates of 0.1% or 0.2% do not hold up on average under rigorous testing throughout the visible spectrum. 

However, we aim to sell our products based on a correct optical understanding grounded in data. This ensures that our customers are fully informed about our products' true performance.

Marumi's dedication to precision and quality ensures that our CPL filters maintain the data-proven lowest reflectance point of less than 0.18% in the visible spectrum. This means that the clarity of your photographs will not be compromised by variable reflectance rates. With Marumi, what you see is what you get – a promise of minimal reflection and maximum image fidelity.

By choosing Marumi, photographers benefit from a CPL filter that provides consistently clear, vibrant images with negligible reflection, regardless of the conditions. This commitment to optical purity places Marumi CPL filters among the best in the world, not just on paper, but in the hands of photographers who demand the best.

Capture the world as it is meant to be seen with Marumi's Plasma CPL filters – where innovation meets the art of photography.

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