on October 07, 2022

M100 (100mm Magnetic Filter Holder)

Vignetting possibilities are a significant concern in shooting, especially with wide-angle lenses.
The following result of inspection shows and tells you certain speculation about vignetting, and by which conditions you might encounter it.


- Nikon D800E + 16‐35mm f/4.0 (filter diameter: 77mm)
‐ SONY α7R + 16‐35mm f/4.0 (filter diameter: 72mm) **partially 16-35mm f/2.8
‐ Canon EOS5D Mk IV + 16‐35mm f/2.8 (filter diameter: 82mm)

Each default shooting condition set by aperture f/8.0 has been confirmed with no vignetting

*In the case of [×], the focal length (mm) that does not cause vignetting is described.
** vignetting observed at 16mm, f/2.8 (SEL1635GM)
***The installation of the Step-Ring is NOT considered in the experiment.

Please be cautious and keep in mind the vignetting possibilities, when you shoot with Marumi M100 Square Filter System under the conditions;
- wide aperture of more than f/4.0
- shorter focal length than 17mm
- with Polarizer for M100

Thank you for your attention, and enjoy your photographic life!
Marumi team