on May 15, 2024

Under the comprehensive supervision of Mr. Tatsuno Kiyoshi, a groundbreaking limited edition filter was born after an 18-month development period, aiming to be unparalleled in every aspect of Polarizer in its history.

This limited edition polarizer, which was only available in Japan, supervised entirely by a famous Japanese landscape photographer Mr. Tatsuno, has garnered significant attention, which lead to the release of the Prime Plasma Sputtering C-P.L. 

Marumi Prime Plasma Sputtering C-P.L inherits its DNA to release the world premiere Polarizser. We hope the filter to be used by a number of photographers pursuing for the top pinnacle of quality.

kiyoshi tatsuno limited edition


When Marumi approached Mr. Tatsuno to develop a filter bearing his name, he envisioned creating the ideal filter that would lead the industry.
According to Mr. Seki Hiroyuki, the plant manager at Marumi Optics' Nagano factory, achieving this number one/top of the world polarizer required a departure from the conventional limitations of vacuum evaporation, a method of film deposition.

Instead, Marumi adopted "plasma sputtering," a technique that involves bombarding a metal, the film's component, with high-energy ions to release particles into the air and deposit them onto the target material.

This method allows for precise control over film thickness through electrical charge and enables fine adjustments using gas, minimizing heat damage and creating a dense, strong, and thin film. Despite its cost and time requirements, Japan leads globally in this technology. 

Mr. Tatsuno aimed to develop a filter that would minimize ghosting and flare in backlight conditions, achieve almost perfect color balance, and resist scratches while dissipating static electricity.

These goals were realized through plasma sputtering technology, achieving the industry's lowest reflection level for a world top class filter. The result is a filter that captures the entire scene clearly, even in backlight conditions, without yellowish discoloration, offering the effectiveness of a protective filter without the usual drawbacks.

This product has achieved numerous firsts, aiming to be the world's best as a Marumi Optics product, successfully commercialized. 

Named after Mr. Tatsuno Kiyoshi, this filter embodies meticulous attention to detail, striving for the pinnacle of quality. It significantly reduces reflectance and minimizes color shift, ensuring clear image quality even in backlight conditions. Moreover, its scratch-resistant and discarge static electricity design significantly reduces user concerns. 

The introduction of plasma sputtering technology has allowed for high-precision control of film thickness and the ability to alter the film's properties through electrical charge. This advancement has significantly enhanced the filter's performance, achieving flat characteristics across all wavelengths of light, minimizing color shift, and closely aligning with the target goals. 


Satisfying Top Landscape Photographer

Mr. Tatsuno notes the absence of yellowish discoloration has resulted in pleasing images that do not feel like a filter is being used, enhancing the effect while maintaining a natural look. The filter's remarkable resistance to scratches and its ability to dissipate static electricity were surprising even to Mr. Tatsuno, who noted that ink from a magic pen would be repelled by the surface.

This resistance is due to the dense layers formed by plasma sputtering, which create a strong, smooth surface that is less prone to scratches. Additionally, the technology allows for the retention of unoxidized metal within the film, creating a static discharging structure that does not accumulate static electricity even when rubbed vigorously.In conclusion, this filter, bearing Mr. Tatsuno Kiyoshi's name, represents Marumi Optics' pride in achieving numerous firsts and striving for the highest global standards in product development.

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Marumi Team