on May 08, 2024


To illustrate its color accuracy, Prime Plasma Sputtering C-P.L (Plasma CPL) can be represented using an RGB chart, which depicts the balance of the three primary colors of light: Red, Green, and Blue, based on ISO 6728:1983 "Photography Camera lenses Determination of ISO color contribution index (ISO/CCI)" standard.


How do we prove a filter in color-neutral?

A common complaint is that some polarizers introduce a color cast to the photos, often making them appear warmer or slightly yellowish, which can be annoying to the photographers. But how can we scientifically prove a filter in color-neutral?

The chart below showcases the Plasma CPL's ability to maintain a consistent and balanced color representation across the visible spectrum. 

The color chart shows high-end models from Company A, B, and C in the Yellow area, between Green and Red. Marumi's other Polarizer stays in the yellow zone, slightly off from the Center Gray, while Company B way beyond goes off the chart toward yellow.

This difference highlights the Plasma CPL's exceptional performance which remains centered, right in the middle with no discernible color shift.

Lower quality polarizer may betray you, casting a veil of unwanted hues over your images, altering true colors with their own tint. This color cast for instance can turn a clear blue sky or deepned green of the forest into an unintended shade, detracting from the natural beauty you aim to capture. The Plasma CPL will not only enhance color but preserve the world's true palette.

w/o filter w/Plasma CPL shows no color shift

In summary, the Plasma CPL's perfect color neutrality and absence of any color shift make it a superior choice for photographers and videographers who demand uncompromising color accuracy and natural-looking results in their work.

Thank you for your attention!

Marumi Team