on February 09, 2024

This April marks a special milestone for marumi - the 1st anniversary of our website's renewal and the inception of our direct sales through e-commerce.

This journey has been remarkable, and it's all thanks to our valued customers. Your continuous support and invaluable feedback have been the cornerstone of our growth and success.


Acknowledging Global Inflation

We've all witnessed the global economic climate shift in the past a few years, with inflation becoming an increasingly noticeable trend. Prices are rising in various sectors, affecting businesses and consumers alike. It's a challenging time, and we're all feeling the impact.


Marumi’s Initiative Against Inflation

In these trying times, Marumi has been proactively working to combat these economic challenges. We've streamlined our e-commerce and logistics operations, aiming to deliver our products more efficiently and at more competitive and affordable prices. As we approach our first anniversary, we've made a significant decision - to lower the prices of our products. This isn't just a fleeting promotion; it's a long-term commitment to our customers.

This decision to revise our prices downwards, especially in the face of global inflation, is our way of expressing profound gratitude to our customers. We understand the value of every dollar and are committed to making our products accessible to a wider audience. We want to ensure our esteemed customers, can enjoy our offerings without the burden of inflated prices.

As we celebrate this milestone, our message is clear: our customers come first. We hope that this price revision will not only bring joy but also demonstrate our deep appreciation for your unwavering support. We invite you to continue this journey with us, enjoying our products that are now more affordable than ever!


Special Offer for Loyal Customers

As a token of our deepest appreciation for your loyalty, we are also excited to announce an exclusive offer for our existing customers. If you've previously purchased a Marumi product, we're granting you special voucher coupons. These vouchers will provide you with even more substantial discounts, giving you fantastic opportunities to enjoy our products at an exceptional value. It may take a few weeks but you can expect a lot!


Special Note on Product Availability on local stores

While our e-commerce platform is optimized for convenience, we gently encourage our customers to consider your local stores as the primary source for Marumi filters. 
Specifically, our standard model filters and those with diameters smaller than 67mm are currently exclusively available at local stores.

We encourage you to explore local purchasing opportunities first, ensuring you benefit from the wider range of Marumi products available right in your neighborhood.

"FIND YOUR NEAREST STORE" map would help you to find the best purchase opportunities in your or nearby your residence. 


We appreciate having you with us in the time of celebration! 

Marumi team