MARUMI FS PLUS Lens Protect, Package
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    FIT+SLIM MC Lens Protect

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    Key Features

    Basic Lens Protect model with multi-coating embedded
    99.1% high transmittance
    0.6% low reflection rate
    Low profile and ultra-thin aluminum non-rotating frame structure
    Ultra-lightweight filter
    Made in Japan

    Marumi FIT+SLIM Lens Protect

    The Marumi FIT+SLIM MC LP is a Basic model Protector with the thinnest & light-weight flame structure.
    • High transmittance approximately 99.1% (400-700nm average rate)
    • Eight layers of Anti-reflection coating sustains a reflection rate 0.6% (420-680nm average)
    • Realized an ultra-thin aluminum frame to avoid vignetting even with a wide-angle lens
    • Ultra-lightweight glass and mount structure
    • Made in Japan

    What is the benefit of using a Lens Protector?
    Does it affect image quality? Why Lens Protector instead of UV?

    A Lens Protect filter allows you to;
    - purely protects your delicate and expensive camera lens from dust, fingerprint, scratches, or, more importantly, from physical shock and damages without affecting image quality.

    Many photographers attach a UV filter predominantly in terms of protection. However, a UV filter is designed primarily for UV Protection by optical significance.
    It does provide a certain degree of physical protection, such as avoiding scratches in the result. This protective function is contingent on UV Cut.
    If your intention is purely to protect your camera and lens from physical damage or mechanical shock, you better should consider choosing a Lens Protector.
    By all means, UV Protections are also recommendable for Lens Protection. However, it will be more costly to expect the same level of optical benefit with physical protection.
    While Lens Protectors provide pure protection, UV filters are used, taking the shooting location and the weather into account.
    General Info
    ModelMarumi FIT+SLIM Lens Protect
    TypeLens Protect
    Available Sizes, mm37, 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82
    Main Characteristics
    Filter factor1.0x
    Reflectance 0.6%
    CoatingLow reflection
    GlassSchott B270i
    Frame MaterialAluminum
    Frame structureNon-rotating
    Frame structureUltra thin frame
    Frame structureSatin finish
    Frame structureLens cap attachable