Marumi DHG Star Cross
Marumi DHG Star Cross
Marumi DHG Star Cross
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    DHG Star Cross


    Key Features

    Hot-selling product in winter to produce 4-pattern of light
    Low reflection realized with multi-coating
    Low profile & easy handling non-rotating thin aluminum frame structure
    Made in Japan

    • Product Type: EFFECT
    • Barcode: 4957638060219

    Marumi DHG Star Cross

    The Marumi DHG Star Cross is a Hot-selling filter in winter especially suitable for Illumination and nightscape photography, brightening the winter season
    • Multi-coating sutains low reflecion
    • Realized a thin frame to avoid vignetting even with wide-angle lens
    • Made in Japan

    What is a cross effect filter?
    When and on which occasion do we need to use these cross effect filters?

    Star Pattern Effect Creates Gorgeousness in the Light.
    The DHG Cross series adds a starburst effect on point light source to create sparkling photos of nightscapes. Also effective for daytime use, portrail, or waterside photography
    This filter creates a star pattern at a single point of light from the subject.
    The rotating frame is employed to enable free changing of the direction of the pattern.

    A cross effect filter allows you to;
    - create various streaking patterns of flare on images derived from an intense light source.
    - determine the direction of light by rotating the front frame
    - perform specular highlight of the scene by shooting at any aperture


    DHG Star Cross
    General Info
    ModelMarumi DHG Star Cross
    Available Sizes, mm37, 40.5, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82
    Main Characteristics
    CoatingLow reflection
    Frame MaterialAluminum
    Frame structureNon-rotating
    Frame structureThin frame
    Frame structureSatin finish
    Frame structureKnurling
    Frame structureLens cap attachable