on February 01, 2022

How to find and attach a proper filter

Make sure to select the proper diameter in checking the filter diameter... but how to find and attach an appropriate screw-in-filter to my lens?

The followings explain the basics of screw-in-filter elements you need to know.

1. Check the filter size (I.e., "filter diameter") of your lens

Please check the number imprint on the front or side of the lens as "XX mm" or often print "ΦXX" as well, or you can find it inside of the lens cap.

2. Verify the size of the filter

The number imprint on the upper right side of the package indicates the filter size. Confirm it is the same number as the diameter of your lens.

Check the size (I.e., "filter diameter") of your lens.
    Verify the size of the filter

      3. Check the direction of the filter

      Take a look at the filter from the side at the position where you can read the logo. The bottom is the thread that can be attached to the lens.

      4. Attach the filter to the lens

      The filter can be attached by rotating clockwise when viewing the camera from the front and fitting the filter on. Now you can protect your lens.

      Check the direction of the filter.
        Attach the filter to the lens

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