Kit StarScape pour Magnetic Slim
Kit StarScape pour Magnetic Slim

    Kit StarScape pour Magnetic Slim


    Key Features

    Exclusive Kit for astrophotography preparable in the darkness
    Avoid orangish or yellowish color shift by artificial light source
    White Powder Mist emphasizes the brightness of constellations
    The most outstanding maintenance performance, Dust-/Water-/Oil-/Fingerprint-resistant
    Double side Coating for low reflection
    Ultra-thin-aluminum frame structure
    Made in Japan

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    Marumi Magnetic Slim StarScape Kit

    The Magnetic Slim StarScape Kit is specially designed for astrophotography enthusiasts. It includes a light pollution cut filter, which also functions as a magnetic slim adapter, and two types of diffusion filters: White Powder Mist 1/2 & 1/4 strengths. These filters can be quickly and easily attached and detached with magnets, even in absolute darkness, with the help of a luminous sticker. 

    • Enables astrophotography to bring well-controlled color balance by suppressing unwanted color shifts to an orangish or yellowish picture.
    • White Powder Mist emphasizes the brightness of constellations.
    • Water-/Oil repellent coating sheds water off simply also by the air blower. Nuisances such as sweat, skin crème, lotion, fingerprint, or compounded grease stains will be wiped off.
    • Anti-reflection coating sustains a low reflection.
    • Made in Japan

    StarScape Kit taken by Kitayama

    ©Teruyasu Kitayama, picture taken with StarScape Kit/White Powder Mist 1/4

    What do we use a StarScape Filter for?
    When and on which occasion do we need to use Marumi StarScape filter?

    StarScape filter is essential for photographers aiming to capture the true beauty of the night sky in areas affected by light pollution.
    It is particularly useful for astrophotography, nightscape photography, time-lapse shooting like the above short film, and photographing phenomena like the Aurora Borealis.
    it reduces the need for extensive post-processing to correct light pollution, saving time and effort. 

    The below before-/after images show the drastic difference in impressions caused by the StarScape filter, giving the cool bluish starry night.

    Marumi offers three different filter construction for StarScape.
    - StarScape for Screw-in filter
    - StarScape for M100, Square fiter
    - StarScape for Magnetic Slim