MARUMI Magnetic Slim ND4
Magnetic Slim ND4

    Magnetic Slim ND4


    Key Features

    Multi-stackable Neutral Density Filter
    High strength and excellent corrosion resistance performance frame with strong magnetic force
    4x-Filter factor, 2-stops, 0.6-Optical density
    Outstanding maintenance performance, Water-/Oil-/Fingerprint-resistant
    Built-in for the Movie Kit
    67/77/82mm available
    Attachable to the dedicated lens cap

    Marumi Magnetic Slim ND4

    The Marumi Magnetic Slim ND4 is a ultra-slim frame structure that minimize the possibility of vignetting
    • Slimmed by the thickness of male thread compared to conventional scew-in types of fitlers
    • Adopts A6063 aluminum alloy frame that features high strength and excellent corrosion resistance
    • A permanent magnet with a strong magnetic force
    • 4x-Filter factor, 2-stops, 0.6-Optical density, ascertained color fidelity by ND coating (Specification values)
    • Water-/Oil repellent coating shed water off simply also by the air blower. Nuisances such as sweats, skin crème, lotion, fingerprint, or compounded grease stains will be wiped off.
    • Anti-reflection coating sustains a low reflection
    • Included in the Marumi Magnetic Slim Movie Kit
    • 67/77/82mm available. Other size attachable also sandwiching step rings.
    • Attachable to the Marumi Magnetic Slim Lens Cap

    Why does magnetic mount ring make the filters so unique?
    What is a distinct advantage of Magnetic Slim except for magnetic attach-/detachment function?

    "Filter work can be much more smooth"
    That explains quite simply and briefly why marumi released Magnetic Slim Series.
    Filter work is, on the one hand pursuing artistic image quality; on the other hand striving for the precious time to capture the moment.
    Detaching a previous filter rotating unclockwise after removing lens cap, storing them into your camera bag. Picking up the right filter & right diameter from your camera bag, then attaching the filter rotating clockwise…
    ...OK, ready to set up for shooting, but hey! Where is the object gone? Too bad long gone already the moment.
    While Screw-in filters enable your filter to fit into lens firmly, it would lose your proper moment concentrating the attach-/detachment.
    You also may avoid huge stress due to the misalignment of screw-in and over-screwing. (You may understand the stress if you have any experiences in the past)

    Marumi innovative Magnetic Slim Filter Series allows you to;
    - combine a set of Circular Polarizer/ND and Lens Protect much more smooth on attachment/detachment
    - stack multiple filters instant on the top of Magnetic Slim Lens Adapter or Lens Protect/Adp. with no vignetting anxiety.
    - catch a shutter moment in quick exchange/attach-/detach of filters without giving attention to the threads.]
    - choose a proper set according to your requirement; Basic/Advanced/Movie Kit.
    - keep all-in-one set in a pouch exclusive for Magnetic Filter Series (optional in purchasing the Kits above)


    General Info
    CategoryMagnetic Slim
    ModelMarumi Magnetic Slim ND4
    TypeNeutral Density
    Available Sizes, mm67, 77, 82
    Main Characteristics
    Optical density0.6
    Filter factor4x
    F-stop reduction2
    Amount of light (ND0.0=1)1/4
    CoatingWater-/Oil Repellent, Fingerprint-resistant
    CoatingLow reflection
    CoatingNeutral Density
    Frame MaterialAluminum
    Frame MaterialMagnetic
    Frame structureNon-rotating
    Frame structureUltra-thin frame