MARUMI EXUS Circular PL, Filter+Package
MARUMI EXUS Circular PL, Package
MARUMI EXUS Circular PL, Package

    EXUS Circular PL


    Key Features

    Flagship Polarizer model ensured with 99.5% the highest degree of polarization
    44% High Transmission Polarizer suited for leaving the filter permanently attached.
    The most outstanding maintenance performance, Dust-/Water-/Oil-/Fingerprint-resistant
    Under less than 0.6% ultra low reflection rate
    Ultra-thin-aluminum frame structure
    Low profile & easy handling rotating filter
    Made in Japan

    • Product Type: POLARIZER
    • Barcode: 4957638092111

    Marumi EXUS Circular PL

    The Marumi EXUS Circular Polarizer is a high-end model polarizer especially well-suited to whom a high-polarization has taken precedence in the first place in polarizing (99.5%* degree of linear polarization under 400nm; *polarizing film only)

    • Contrast-enhanced, more saturation provided, and the blue sky will be vividly deepened.
    • The High Transmission Circular Polarizer (HTC) performs approximately 93.6% maximum transmission rate and an average of 44%. (2.3 x Filter Factor, 1.2 stops, 400-700nm)
    • The upmost coating technology implemented, eighteen layers in total on both sides;
    • Anti-static coating (ASC) works wonders on the surface of a glass. Dust and dirt adhered to the surface can be quickly and easily blown off.
    • Water-/Oil repellent coating sheds water off simply also by the air blower. Nuisances such as sweat, skin crème, lotion, fingerprint, or compounded grease stains will be wiped off.
    • ASC Coating and light-blocking ridges inside the ring reduce the reflection rate by under 0.6%. (420-680nm average)
    • Realized an ultra-thin aluminum rotating structure to avoid vignetting.
    • Teflon coating on male threads makes attach-/detachment to/from the lens more smooth.
    • Knurling embedded on the lightweight frame enables easy and smooth handling
    • Made in Japan, indurated lamination technology by decades of technical succession.

    What are the benefits of using a polarizing filter?
    Why is a polarizer recognized among most photographers as an essential must-have filter? Does Photoshop or another equivalent editing tool work instead of Polarizer?

    A polarizing filter allows you to;
    - control reflections from non-metallic objects; the surface of water, window, or glossy coating/painting.
    - prevent and reduce glare, still however, allow plenty of light through. It also makes subjects underwater transparent.
    - Enhance color saturation and contrast, especially under a scene of deep blue sky, vivid white clouds, spring greenery, or autumn color of leaves.

    Have you ever experienced, when taking landscape photography, ending up with a little different color from the actual landscape you have seen? The sky must have been more vivid and bluish in your eyes.
    A polarizing filter can properly contrast the crystal blue sky and the white clouds.
    Many photographers predominantly carry a polarizing filter, particularly for landscape photography next step after Lens Protector/UV filter in terms of protection, for some reason.
    The effects of polarizers cannot be easily mimicked with digital editing. Carrying a polarizer makes your image more vivid and clear, turning the actual landscape you've seen into your picture.

    The two images below show the elimination of reflection from the surface of water with/without a polarizing effect by EXUS Circular PL.


    Another two before-/after images below show how the polarizing effect changes the impression: the slightly hazy blue left into a vivid bluish sky on the right, as well as the autumn color of leaves, becomes vital and enhanced.

    Photographers should keep in mind that a polarising filter will reduce a certain amount of light passing through the camera body in exchange for giving a polarizing effect.
    Therefore, it is better not to use a polarizer under poor light conditions.
    It is also better to consider attaching a High Transmittance Circular Polarizer (HTC) that is equivalent close to one F-stop while other conventional polarizers are equivalent to 1.5 stops.

    In post-production, the Polarizing effect cannot be reproduced because they change the light entering your lens
    Those are the reason why the Polarizing filter is a must-have filter.



    General Info
    ModelMarumi EXUS Circular PL
    Available Sizes, mm37,40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82
    Main Characteristics
    Filter factor2.3x
    F-stop reduction1.2
    Reflectance 0.6%
    Coating Low-reflection
    CoatingWater-/Oil Repellent, Fingerprint-resistant
    CoatingLow reflection
    Frame MaterialAluminum
    Frame structureRotating
    Frame structureUltra thin frame
    Frame structureLight blocking ridges
    Frame structureTeflon coating on male thread
    Frame structureSatin finish
    Frame structureKnurling
    Frame structureLens cap attachable


    It seems that my polarizing filter has discolored and the polarizing effect has diminished. Why is that happening??

    Polarizers are not immune to deterioration under prolonged exposure to light and heat. Please read the article linked and learn the factors that contribute to their wear & tear, as well as to mitigate these effects.