Creation Variable ND Series

creation variable nd series

Versatile All-in-one Neutral Density

Flexibility and convenience -No Need to carry a set of filters

A Variable ND filter uniquely allows you to;
- reduce the amount of light by rotating the front frame of the filter to adjust the density.
- maintain appropriate exposure under bright light conditions.
- use when you need to shoot fast by changing density quickly rotating the front frame of the filter, or use when you want to experiment with the different exposure settings.
carry only one filter and avoid spending time for attach-/detachment.



Structure Marumi Creation Variable ND
Side Lever
Two removable long and short knobs are supplied to improve operability so that density can be adjusted quickly, smoothly, and intuitively. (/P/V)
Scale of the numbers of stops
- The filter frame has a scale that serves as a guide for the number of stops.
- The minimum position of "/V" is 1.3 stops (whereas 6 stops in "/P").
- Each stops in the transition reduces the light by 1 stop.
- The maximum position of "/V" reduces the light by 8 stops (12 stops for "/P")
X-pattern warning mark
The X-pattern* warning mark is placed at the position where unwanted X-pattern begins to be noticeable when using a wide-angle lens. (/P/V) *The occurrence of X-pattern is in principle unavoidable for all variable ND systems that use polarizing films.
Movable range stops
A physical stopper is equipped at the Min/Max position to prevent further rotation of the filter frame to prevent unnecessary over-turning. (/P/V)
Simple scale of light reductions
Equipped with a scale that shows the approximate amount of light reduction (/Basic)

Coating - Creation Variable ND Basic/P/V

  • Low-Reflection (Basic/P/V)

  • Anti-Scratch (Basic/P/V)

  • Anti-Static (/P/V)

  • Water Repellent (/P/V)

    image:Water Repellent
  • Oil Repellent (/P/V)

    image:Oil Repellent

For Videography(/V)

When working in a location where lighting conditions are constantly changing (such as you need to take shots indoors and outdoors alternately), Variable NDs allow videographers to quickly optimize their exposure without stopping recording in order to change with the other densities, or different camera aperture and ISO settings.

The variable density has been configured based on major videography's exposure setting; 1.3 to 8 stops, Optical Density 0.4-2.4.

For Photography(/P)

The variable density has been configured arranging a wide range of light reduction suitable for photography; 5.3 to 12 stops, Optical Density 1.6-3.6.

Entry Model(/Basic)

The variable density has been configured to allows you to easily experience the world of ND at a higher level; 1.3 to 9 stops, Optical Density 0.4 to 2.7.

How to use

By turning the rotating frame, the amount of light can be adjusted steplessly from minimum to maximum density.

Due to the characteristics of the polarizing film, Marumi Creation Variable NDs have the following characteristics. Please use them after understanding in advance.