Magnetic Square filters, M100 Filter System, is a versatile filter system that allows you to easily combine a series of filters according to the various situations.

By installing “M100 Holder” on to “Holder-Ring” in advance, you are free from thinking of filter diameter and only focus on your artistic works with the combinations of filters.

The Square ND consists of 100x100 ND, and 100x150 Graduated ND (Soft/Hard/Reverse/Center), designed only to reduce the light volume without impacting image color, contrast, or sharpness.

Marumi innovative M100 SQUARE ND and GND allows you to;

- one second-attach/detach filters by magnetic force with no time consuming compared to screw-in filters into thread

- bracket a series of GND/ND and almost all of your lens line-up for DSLRs and Mirrorless at hands.



Reverse GND4 (0.6)

ND1000 (3.0)

ND500 (2.7)

ND8 (0.9)

Soft GND4 (0.6)

Pair for M100 Magnetic Holder System

Premium Kit for M100 Magnetic Holder System- Combination Reverse/Center GND

Premium Kit for M100 Magnetic Holder System- Combination Soft/Hard GND