on February 01, 2024
Top 10

The "Marumi Top 10 Sales Ranking 2023" showcases the most popular products from over the past year. This ranking highlights the top-selling items, reflecting customer preferences and trends in photography equipment.
It offers insight into what professional and amateur photographers alike are choosing for their photographic needs, from filters that enhance image quality to accessories that aid in capturing the perfect shot. This list serves as a guide to what's currently in demand. Thank you for visiting!


Rank# Product name Product type
1 DHG Super Circular PL POLARIZER
2 Magnetic Slim Lens Adapter MAGNETIC SLIM
3 Magnetic Slim Step-Up Adapter MAGNETIC SLIM, ACCESSORIES
5 Magnetic Slim ND1000 MAGNETIC SLIM
6 Magnetic Slim Advanced Kit MAGNETIC SLIM
8 Holder Ring for M100 Holder SQUARE
9 DHG Achromat Macro MACRO/CLOSE UP
10 Reverse GND4 (0.6) SQUARE




DHG Super Circular P.L.D

Marumi DHG Super CPL

Marumi's polarizing filters are highly rated in the market for their durability, excellent flatness, and outstanding polarizing effect. This upper-grade polarizer likely gained popularity for its superior maintenance performance and also its affordability. 



Magnetic Slim Series

Marumi Magnetic Slim Basic Kit

The convenience of the magnetic attachment system in this series probably made it a favorite among photographers looking for quick and easy filter changes. A noteworthy aspect of the Marumi Magnetic Slim Series is its flexibility and the vast array of expansion options it offers. This feature allows for seamless integration and use of multiple filters together, opening up a world of creative possibilities.



DHG ND-100000

Marumi DHG ND-100000

The American continent is on the brink of witnessing a rare and mesmerizing spectacle – two consecutive solar eclipses in October 14th 2023, and forthcoming April 8th 2024. This astronomical event has sparked an increased interest in solar photography, particularly among both amateur and professional photographers. 
In anticipation of these solar eclipses, Marumi's DHG ND-100000 and its successor, the EXUS ND100000 (5.0), have surged in popularity. These ultra-high-density neutral filters (16 and 2/3 stops) are specially designed to allow photographers to capture the sun's brilliance without damaging their camera sensors or compromising the quality of their images.
They enable photographers to capture the intricate details of the sun's corona and the dramatic moments of totality with clarity and precision. Furthermore, the quality of the filters ensures that color fidelity and image sharpness are maintained, which is crucial for capturing such a significant celestial event.




This filter effectively shields the camera lens from scratches, dust, and moisture, ensuring the lens's longevity. Additionally, it reduces haze and atmospheric interference in photographs, leading to clearer and sharper images. The EXUS UV's multi-coated surface also minimizes reflections, further enhancing image quality. These qualities make it a favorite among photographers looking for both lens protection and improved photographic results.



Square Series

The Marumi M100 Square Filter Series offers photographers an exciting avenue to expand their creative toolkit, especially with the inclusion of Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filters. These GND filters are essential for balancing exposure in scenes with high contrast, such as landscapes with bright skies and darker foregrounds. By combining different variations of GND filters from the M100 series, photographers can achieve a more nuanced control over their images, blending exposures seamlessly and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
This versatility makes the M100 series a popular choice for those looking to explore the dynamic world of filter photography.



DHG Achromat Macro

Marumi's Achromat Macro filters stand out from regular close-up or macro filters due to their advanced Achromat technology. This technology significantly enhances contrast and sharpness, offering superior image quality. Unlike the others, the Achromat filters reduce chromatic aberration and preserve fine details, making them highly effective for intricate macro photography. Their ability to maintain image integrity and detail at extreme close-ups is a key factor in their popularity and preference over normal macro filters.


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