MARUMI Hard GND8 (0.9) Filter+Package
MARUMI Hard GND8 (0.9)
MARUMI Hard GND8 (0.9) Package
MARUMI Hard GND8 (0.9) Pouch

    Hard GND8 (0.9)


    Key Features

    Graduated square Neutral Density Filter with magnetic attachment
    Schott B270i optical glass with scratch resistant performance
    Hard transition suitable for scenes which have a very definite horizon line
    Up to 12.5% transmittance
    The most outstanding maintenance performance, Dust-/Water-/Oil-/Fingerprint-resistant
    Double sided coating for low-reflection
    Made in Japan

    • Product Type: SQUARE
    • Barcode: 4957638732055

    Marumi Hard GND8 (0.9)

    The Marumi 100 x 150 Hard Graduated ND8 (0.9) is a Graduated Neutral Density model attachable to M100 Filter System in a moment via strong magnetic force.
    • Certified German quality glass, B270i with high optical performance
    • Hard transition area from the transparent part to the darkened part of the glass, adjustable for scenes which have a very definite horizon line
    • Up to 12.5% transmittance, 3 stops
    • Dust and dirt adhered on the surface can be quickly and easily blown off.
    • Water-/Oil repellent coating sheds water off simply also by the air blower. Nuisances such as sweats, skin crème, lotion, fingerprint or compounded stain of grease will be wiped off.
    • Anti-reflection coating sustains low reflection
    • Made in Japan

    What do we use a square filter instead of a round screw-in filter for?
    When and on which occasion do we need to use Marumi square filter?

    Marumi innovative M100 Magnetic Filter System allows you to;
    - combine a large variety of GND/ND and Circular Polarizer to enable an overwhelming contrast-driven expressiveness
    - shoot with no vignetting even with 16mm wide lens due to the ultra-thin frame structure overlaying ND/GND and Circular Polarizer.
    - adjust position of graduation up and down, observing the composition through the optical or electronic viewfinder
    - one second-attach/detach filters by magnetic force with no time consuming compared to screw-in filters into thread
    - bracket a series of GND/ND and almost all of your lens line-up for DSLRs and Mirrorless at hands.
    - keep all-in-one set in a pouch exclusive for M100 (optional) easy carrying


    General Info
    ModelMarumi Hard GND8 (0.9)
    TypeNeutral Density
    Available Sizes, mm100x150
    Main Characteristics
    Optical density0.9
    Filter factor8x
    F-stop reduction3
    Amount of light (ND0.0=1)1/8
    CoatingWater-/Oil Repellent, Fingerprint-resistant
    CoatingLow reflection
    CoatingNeutral Density
    GlassSchott B270i
    Frame MaterialMagnetic
    Frame structureNon-rotating