Magnetic Slim StarScape Kit

The Magnetic Slim StarScape Kit is a tailored filter kit designed for nighttime astrophotography. It features a light pollution cut filter with two strengths of White Powder Mist, enhancing star brightness while preserving the natural color and texture of your images. The magnetic attachment system allows for quick and hassle-free changes, perfect for wide-angle lenses of any focal length. The water-repellent coating easily removes nightly dew, and the neutral color ensures minimal color casts regardless of white balance setting. With high transmission rates, it maintains essential exposure levels for stunning night sky photography.

Marumi StarScape Kit



Optimized for Nighttime Usability

One of the challenges of astrophotography is that preparation must be done in complete darkness. When handling multiple filters, minimizing the effort required for attachment and detachment is crucial. The Magnetic Slim StarScape Kit is optimized for this preparation, making it ideal for astrophotography in the darkness.
  1. Two in One: Base adapter + light pollution cut filter
    StarScape functions as a magnetic adapter as well as a light pollution cut filter, screwing into your lens thread as a magnetic ba
  2. One Second: Quick attach-/detachable Magnetic System
    Magnetic design allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment, even when wearing thick gloves in cold weather. This makes the preparation process in complete darkness much more manageable, ensuring that you can focus on capturing the perfect shot without any hassle.

  3. Lightweight and Minimized Handy Accessories
    A lightweight and compact pouch allows you to carry the StarScape kit hands-free, which is particularly useful for those who need quick access to the filters and other essentials while keeping their hands unoccupied.

  4. Glow-in-the-dark, Luminous stickers
    For photographers working in the dark, the included glow-in-the-dark, Luminous stickers in various sizes (large, medium, and small) offer significant advantages. These stickers absorb light and glow in the dark, making it easy to identify filters and equipment in low-light conditions. The different sizes allow for flexible use of various gear, from the large and medium intended to be attached to the filter frame, and small to the flange side visible. (the side with the filter name printed on it.) 

Highlighting Star Brightness in Astrophotography

In astrophotography, capturing the brilliance of the starry sky is paramount. The White Powder Mist filter is designed to softly diffuse the light of bright stars against the dark sky, beautifully enhancing the brilliance of constellations. This filter faithfully reproduces landscape details without compromising resolution, ensuring that every shot is both clear and stunning.

White Powser Mist 


The White Powder Mist filter uses white particles within the glass to diffuse light. When combined with the StarScape filter, which cuts light pollution from artificial light source, these two combination creates a cool, pristine night sky while maximizing the brilliance of the stars. The kit includes two types of diffusion effects (1/2 and 1/4), allowing for versatile use in different conditions.

Slim but Durable, High-strength filter for Wide angle lens

While the lower-left picture shows stacking DHG Soft Fantasy on the top of Magnetic Slim Lens Protect/Adp., the lower-right White Powder Mist on the top of Magnetic Slim StarScape/Adp obviously showing the difference of thickness, which will be crucial shooting with wide angle lens to avoid vignetting in the astrophotography.

Left: StarScape + Screw-in type Effect filter Right: Magnetic Slim StarScape Adp. + White Powder Mist




Water repellent coating Oil repellent coating
When shooting near the waterfront or in the rain, the lens repels water droplets for stress-free use. This coating prevents fingerprints from sticking to the surface, and even if it does, it can be easily wiped off and is scratch-resistant.

Water-/Oil repellent coating, Marumi Magnetic Slim Series

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