MARUMI Portable Cleaning Kit, Package
MARUMI Portable Cleaning Kit. Blower
MARUMI Portable Cleaning Kit, Brush
MARUMI Portable Cleaning Kit, Spray
MARUMI Portable Cleaning Kit, Cloth
MARUMI Portable Cleaning Kit, Pouch
MARUMI Portable Cleaning Kit, Package
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    Portable Cleaning Kit


    Key Features

    All-in-one Filter/Camera Lens maintenance kit that you can always carry around
    Portable Air Blower for removing dust and dirt
    Cleaning Brush
    Alcohol-free, Eco-friendly Lens Cleaning Spray
    Soft and light Cleaning Cloth made of tightly woven microfiber material
    RoHS compliant tested by SGS

    Marumi Portable Cleaning Kit

    The Marumi Portable Cleaning Kit is all-in-one professional Filter/camera lens maintenance kit for DSLR/Mirrorless Camera
    • The air blower blows dirt and dust off your filters, lenses, or camera sensor.
    • Eco-friendly, alcohol-free spray type cleaner specially designed for lens cleaning purposes that can safely and effectively remove stubborn stains on a lens or filters.
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth sprayed to wipe the lens or filters with a circular movement.
    • Soft brush suitable for all camera sensors and glass optics quickly lifts visible dust and other particles off your glass.
    • Portable Pouch to carry around all the attachment in a compact way
    • RoHS compliant tested by SGS

    What are included in the Marumi Portable Cleaning Kit?

    1 x Lens Cleaning Spray
    1 x 15cm x 15cm Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    1 x Cleaning Brush
    1 x Portable Air Blower
    1 x Portable Pouch
    General Info
    ModelMarumi Portable Cleaning Kit
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