EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)
EXUS ND100000 (5.0)

    EXUS ND100000 (5.0)


    Key Features

    Flagship solar filter with the most outstanding maintenance performance, Dust-/Water-/Oil-/Fingerprint-resistant.
    Schott B270i optical glass
    100000x-Filter factor, 16 2/3-stops, 5.0-Optical density
    Lightweight and thin aluminum frame, Low profile & easy handling non-rotating mount
    Made in Japan

    Marumi EXUS ND100000

    ATTENTION to the customers expecting the solar eclipse events: The First Shipment from Japan starts on September 14th. 

    The brand-new flagship model EXUS ND100000 (5.0) takes order, especially for those who expect the Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14th, 2023, and the subsequent Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, across the American Continent. 

    - The FedEx Priority to the United States and the rest of the shippable area in the American Continent takes approx. 2-4 business days. Please avoid using Japan Post from two weeks before the event. We do not guarantee the in-time arrival of goods due to the logistics delay.

    We appreciate your avoiding a last-minute order for your safe and punctual delivery. Thank you!

    The Marumi EXUS ND100000 (5.0) filter is designed to observe and shoot the sun or any similar subject that emits enormous amounts of light.

    • Static-resistant, Water-/Oil repellent ND filter which does not miss the precious opportunity in a decade such as solar eclipse
    • Certified German Quality Glass, B270i
    • 100000x-Filter factor, 16 2/3-stops, 5.0-Optical density, ascertained color fidelity by ND coating (Specification values)
    • Anti-reflection coating sustains a low reflection
    • Realized a thin frame to avoid vignetting even with a wide-angle lens
    • Made in Japan

    What is a ND filter, and why should you use it?

    Have you experienced the shutter being released earlier than you expected when shooting under too-bright sunlight, when shooting a highly reflective water surface, etc.?
    Have you also experienced when shooting video, the motion blur is not effective enough to have appeared as you think it as "cinematic" looks?

    "The light volume can be reduced by using ND filter, and you can intentionally control shutter speed and iris value."
    Even if you are not familiar with slower shutter speeds or controlling aperture, the ND filter enables you to capture more artistic photos than usual.

    A Neutral Density (ND) filter allows you to;
    - reduce the amount of light entering into either image sensor or film without affecting the color.
    - maintain appropriate exposure under bright light conditions

    "Neutral" means that there is no effect on the color of your image.
    "Density" means the intensity of the light in exposure.

    The superior ND filter only reduce the amount of light without affecting any impact on image color, contrast or sharpness.



    General Info
    Category Screw-in
    Model Marumi EXUS ND100000
    Brand EXUS
    Type Neutral Density
    Available Sizes, mm 58, 67, 77, 82, 95
    Main Characteristics
    Optical density 5.0
    Filter factor 100000x
    F-stop reduction 16 2/3
    Amount of light (ND0.0=1) 1/100000
    Transmittance 0.001%
    Coating Static-resistant
    Coating Water-/Oil Repellent, Fingerprint-resistant
    Coating Low reflection
    Coating Neutral Density
    Glass Schott B270i
    Frame Material Aluminum
    Frame structure Non-rotating
    Frame structure Thin frame
    Frame structure Satin finish
    Frame structure Knurling
    Frame structure Lens cap attachable