MARUMI CREATION Variable ND2.5-500/Basic
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    DHG Macro 3


    Key Features

    Magnify in Close up of small objects
    Designed to shorten the minimum focus distance of your lens
    Low reflection coating
    Light-weight and pocket-sized filter for macro photography
    Made in Japan

    Marumi DHG Macro 3

    The Marumi DHG Macro 3 lens is a convenient to carry around for close up shooting such as flowers or insects
    • Designed to shorten the minimum focus distance of your lens makes it possible to take magnified images
    • Multi-coating sustains low reflection
    • Light-weight and pocket-sized filter also suitable in your pocket to carry around for macro photography
    • Made in Japan

    What for we use a close-up/macro filter?

    Haven't you ever experienced that your lens could not focus when you come closer to the subject?
    Haven't you also ever thought that you wish a magnifying object in front of your camera's lens?
    If yes, a macro lens can be a right solution. However, there is a better, much Basic way.
    With Marumi Close-up/macro filter, you can choose utility rather than buying an expensive macro lens.

    A close-up/macro filter allows you to;
    - shorten Minimum Focus Distance/get closer to the subject and the larger the image you can obtain. The stronger the diopter, the closer you can approach the subject.
    - perform Macro Effect on almost any lens
    - stack multiple close-up lenses to increase their strength.
    General Info
    ModelMarumi DHG Macro 3
    Available Sizes, mm49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77
    Main Characteristics
    Diopter Strength+3.00
    CoatingLow reflection
    Frame MaterialAluminum
    Frame structureNon-rotating
    Frame structureSatin finish
    Frame structureKnurling
    Frame structureLens cap attachable