on May 01, 2024

Screw-in Center ND shifted to Square Center GND

Marumi used to have two screw-in Types of Center ND filters, MC Center ND and MC Center ND II.

This is stored information for discontinued products in the past, now shifted to the new M100 series for performance efficiency. 

The Marumi MC Center ND and MC Center ND II filters were specialized to manage light distribution across the image frame. They are particularly useful for wide-angle lenses, which often suffer from uneven light distribution in the analog ages. 

  • Marumi MC Center ND
    This filter is a graduated type that reduces light intensity by 10% in the center. It is particularly effective when used with wide-angle lenses on cameras, as it helps to even out the light distribution across the entire frame, addressing the common issue of light falloff around the edges.

  • Marumi MC Center ND II
    The MC Center ND II improved upon the original by providing a stronger ND effect in the center, equivalent to 1.5 stops. This made it especially suitable for analog medium-format cameras using wide-angle lenses, where peripheral light falloff is more pronounced. This filter helps achieve a more uniform exposure throughout the image. 

Both filters are designed to ensure that the lighting across the image is balanced, enhancing the overall quality of the photographs.


Advantage of Square, Magnetic Center GND

The essential advantage of using a square graduated ND filter over a screw-in type of round ND filter lies in the flexibility and precision it offers in controlling light and exposure in a scene.


  1. Adjustable Positioning:
    M100 Square Graduated ND filters can be moved up and down within the filter holder, allowing photographers to precisely align the gradient with the horizon or other elements in the scene, which is not possible with circular graduated ND filters that have a fixed transition line.
    This is particularly useful for landscape photography where the sky is much brighter than the foreground.

  2. Versatility Across Lenses
    M100 Square filters can be used with multiple lenses of different diameters by simply changing the adapter ring on the filter holder. This interchangeability reduces the need to buy multiple filters for different lens sizes, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

  3. Stacking Capability
    M100 Square filters can be easily stacked without causing vignetting, allowing photographers to combine different types of filters (e.g., ND, polarizer, or StarScape) to achieve complex effects. This is more challenging with screw-in filters, which can cause vignetting when stacked


M100 Center GND4 (0.6)

The following are the examples of using the above Cener GND, reducing the volume of light on the horizon to avoid overall whiteout in the image, making the ideal contrast of the total image.


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