on June 28, 2024

While Marumi patented CPL/ND filters offer a strong risk-aversion from vignetting using wide angle lens, space-saving exclusive carrying convenience, and also budget-saving two-in-one benefits, separate filters provide versatility and control who want to fine-tune their images and have the flexibility to use each filter independently when needed.  


Benefits Breakdown: CPL/ND or purchasing Polarizer and Neutral Density separately?

The largest benefit you'll get in purchasing CPL/ND is to reduce a risk of vignetting, especially using wide angle lens in landscape photography. Using one filter instead of stacking two filters can help minimize vignetting possibility.
In addition, CPL/ND is also budget-friendly purchasing two-in-one function rather than two separate filters to prepare, as well as phisycally reducing your space in your bag and time-saving in actual photoshooting. This is crucial to reduce luggage and volume in outdoor landscape photography. 

If you need flexibility like to use CPL alone or ND, to suit various lighting conditions and your creative needs, then buying separately is of course an option. We hope these tips may help you choose right filter for you.

Purchasing CPL/ND 

  1. Dual functionality
    The CPL/ND16, 32, 64WR combines the features of both a circular polarizer (CPL) and a neutral density (ND) filter in a single unit. This allows you to control reflections and enhance color contrast while simultaneously reducing light entering the camera
  2. Patented design
    Marumi has obtained a patent for this filter, which applies ND coating to both sides of a CPL filter. This unique combination is not available from other manufacturers.
  3. Enhanced water photography
    The filter is particularly effective for water-related scenes, significantly improving the expression of water surfaces and surrounding landscapes.
  4. Water-repellent coating
    The CPL/ND features a water and oil-repellent coating, making it resistant to water droplets and stains, This is especially beneficial when shooting near water.
  5. Space and time-saving
    Using a single filter instead of two separate ones saves space in your camera bag and reduces the time needed to switch between filters.
  6. Cost-effective
    While the combined filter may have a higher initial cost, it can be more economical than buying separate high-quality Polarizers and ND filters.
  7. Reduced vignetting
    Using a single filter instead of stacking two filters can help minimize vignetting, particularly when using wide-angle lenses.


Purchasing ND and CPL filters separately 

  1. Flexibility
    Separate filters allow you to use each one independently when needed. You can use Polarizer alone to reduce reflections and enhance colors, or the ND by itself for long exposures, without always having to use both effects
  2. Customization
    With separate filters, you can choose different strengths of ND filters (e.g., ND8, ND64, ND1000) to suit various lighting conditions and creative needs.
  3. Fine-tuning
    You can adjust the polarization effect independently from the ND's light reduction, giving you more control over the final image

By choosing the Marumi CPL/ND16, 32, 64WR, photographers can enjoy the benefits of both filter types in a single, specially designed product that excels in water-related photography while offering practical advantages in terms of usability and efficiency.


Thank you for your attention!

Marumi Team